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Sound Advice has left the building…

Sound Advice, an audio and video retail fixture in South Florida, is dead — again. The Boca Raton store of the current incarnation closed in early 2017; Pinecrest was shuttered around the middle of October 2017; the last remaining store … Continue reading

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Analog redux

In a a previous post, I mused about the new age of digital sound reproduction and how amazingly good — no, scratch that: great — DSD and Blu-ray Audio sounds. In this listener’s opinion, digital sound has finally come of … Continue reading

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Quo vadis, ‘analog’? Or, how I learned I’m not spending thousands on a losing proposition

Next year, 2015, I will celebrate forty years as an audiophile. I didn’t know I was an “audiophile” back in 1975 when I purchased my first “stereo” for the amount of $500—a daunting sum for an eighteen year old mail … Continue reading

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The Mac is dead. Long live the Mac.

As I reported ten days ago my old iMac died after giving me six years, eleven months and ten days of service. Notwithstanding the two hard drive crashes, and a dead SuperDrive after two years, I think I eked out … Continue reading

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The Perfectly Realized Illusion: why high-end audio matters

One day, in the late nineteen-seventies, I visited my local high-end audio salon, Sound Components, in search of my favorite classical record magazine Gramophone. As I walked in, I was stopped in my tracks by a piano recording that was … Continue reading

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An anniversary that should make most of us feel really old

A couple of weeks ago, an auspicious anniversary passed very quietly; nary a mention of it in the press or on technical and music blogs. I sure as hell didn’t remember it — for reasons that will be made clear … Continue reading

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Excellent customer service matters, redux

Two further incidents that illustrate why companies need to treat their customers right if they are to retain their business: First, my Bryston 3B-ST power amplifier. High-end audio manufacturer, Bryston of Canada, is one of those rare companies that back up … Continue reading

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Installing a PS Audio Soloist In-wall Line Conditioner

I’m pretty much a Miami, Florida, native, having lived here since 1962. My wife and I bought an old house in Miami in late December 1991, eight months before Hurricane Andrew hit. We still live in it, happily, even though … Continue reading

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A vinyl revival!

I love LPs. I only have a little over a thousand left because, frankly, I don’t have the space. But I love the sound of good vinyl. Especially Japanese 180 gram vinyl: The best in the world. It helps to … Continue reading

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