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Who can define the mystery?

I have to go back decades to describe something that intrigued me. I was watching a class of very fine dancers rehearse for a performance they were to give a few days later. I was in heaven. They were all … Continue reading

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Remembering a wonderful teacher

Henry Weisberg was my English teacher in 11th grade. Even though I became a math teacher, it was always my English teachers that I revered. And he was my favorite. He had a gentleness and kindness. He used to write … Continue reading

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I’m old-fashioned

The Miami City Ballet Company performed a Jerome Robbins ballet in the days when they were dancing live, before the Covid mess. I love Robbins, but this one was one of the most rewarding and sweet pieces of his I … Continue reading

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Woody Herman’s ‘Golden Wedding’ – even the scratchy sound can’t ruin its magic

An orchestra leader at a dance decided to play Name That Tune. I knew all the answers but let others offer them. However when he got to the last one, it was my favorite instrumental of all time, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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