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Download music, pay the artist

Three articles that underline the need to support musicians and their intellectual property. “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With” by Emily White typifies a young person’s mistaken attitude about living in a fully digital music world. “A Perpetual … Continue reading

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Great news for Frank Zappa fans

Great news announced on the official Frank Zappa website on June 12. Finally, I’ll be able to buy them all and keep a catalog of one of the most fertile musical minds of the last century: […] Back home where … Continue reading

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Excellent customer service matters, redux

Two further incidents that illustrate why companies need to treat their customers right if they are to retain their business: First, my Bryston 3B-ST power amplifier. High-end audio manufacturer,┬áBryston of Canada, is one of those rare companies that back up … Continue reading

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Excellent customer service matters

Recently, my son stopped using the $50 Otterbox Defender case we had purchased for his iPhone 4S. He said it was too bulky. He’s a teenager, after all, and he can’t be seen with a belt clip. I started using … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

There are very few people outside of my family that I can say have had a positive effect on me. Ronald Reagan was one such man. Another of these died this evening. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple was another. … Continue reading

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Steve Reich and the politically correct censors

Over thirty years ago I purchased a 2 LP sampler from the ECM label that had strange and beautiful music on it. The ECM label specialized in European and avant garde Jazz. The album had a little gem on it … Continue reading

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The end of an era, redux

It is ironic that yesterday, the day I finally recovered all of my data and operating system files on my Mac due to my second hard drive crash four days ago, and was able to do so because of the … Continue reading

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Of Macs and Men

I love my Mac. When I bought it almost five years ago it was liberating to get away from the slavery of WinTel machines. Back then, all Windows had was XP, not the best OS they designed; that honor goes … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs at the WSJ D8 Conference

Here’s the full video at The Wall Street Journal.

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A reading from the book of Operating Systems, Chapter 4

1 And the Lord, from His mountain, speaking through his prophet, did tell the Israelites, and Canannites, and Hashemites, and Yosemites, and Oregonians, and liberals and conservatives alike, 2 ‘Thou shalt purchase the Macintosh with OS X 10.5, for it … Continue reading

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