December 16, 1770

On this date in the year of our Lord 1770, the namesake of this blog was born: Ludwig van Beethoven, the “mighty thunderer.” Quite possibly the greatest musical genius that ever lived, Beethoven changed the course of Western music with his masterpiece, his Symphony No.3 “Eroica” in e-flat major, Op.55. On our masthead is a photo of the original score where Beethoven, in a fit of pique, violently scratched out his dedication to Napoleon (pre-Empire Napoleon, that is) and instead dedicated it to the “memory of a great man.”

Spend some time with the Master on his birthday…


About The Mighty Thunderer

We write about music, audio, and technology. Like the namesake of this blog, Ludwig van Beethoven, we are hammer of polite society. We will point out the absurd and educate on the sublime...
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